Git Tricks Cheat sheet
Git Tricks Cheat sheet, usual git commands and some tricks.
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When forget to commit a file, or leave a trash comment in. Is not necessary create a new revision, it is possible to add or modify and reuse the last commit.

Add the files
git add [file or .] 
git commit --amend --reuse-message HEAD 


To apply some of commits in current branch.

git cherry-pick <hash>
List of
git cherry-pick <first-hash> <second-hash> <third-hash>
Sequential range of
git cherry-pick <first-hash>..<last-hash>


Get git commit logs.

Last commit

View just the last commit on console:

git log -1
// or
git log -n1
Number of commits each person has made in the last month
git shortlog --summary --since='1 month ago'
List all unmerged branches branches

Get a list of unmerged branch in current branch

~> Local

git branch --no-merged

~> Remote, use flag -a

git branch -a --no-merged