Fabricio Nogueira

Programador, faixa preta de Jiu-Jitsu sem faixa, judoca sem obi, guitarrista em E♭♭, meditante que não medita, estudante que não estuda, semi-profissional na dança de salão que só dança forró, Willy Wonka sem Oompa-Loompas, esposo da Nathalia, pai da Lis, e por último, mas não menos importante, ex integrante de uma banda de heavy pagode metal.

One of the cornerstones of pragmatic philosophy is the idea of taking responsibility for yourself and your actions in terms of your career advancement, your project, and your day-to-day work. A Pragmatic Programmer takes charge of his or her own career, and isn’t afraid to admit ignorance or error. It’s not the most pleasant aspect of programming, to be sure, but it will happen—even on the best of projects. Despite thorough testing, good documentation, and solid automation, things go wrong. Deliveries are late. Unforeseen technical problems come up. These things happen, and we try to deal with them as professionally as we can. This means being honest and direct. We can be proud of our abilities, but we must be honest about our shortcomings—our ignorance as well as our mistakes.